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Bank Deposits

Bank: Nedbank Ltd

Branch: Vaal Mall, Shop 123, Cnr Barrage Road and Rossini Boulevard, Vanderbijlpark, 1911, Gauteng, South Africa

Branch Sort Code: 198765

Swift Code: NEDSZAJJ


Account Name: Federal Party SA

Account Number: 1184269262

Account Type: Current Account

Paypal Deposits

At Paypal, an own amount can be entered in USD.

Payfast Deposits

R 100


R 500


R 1000


Taxation benefits

If money is deposited via direct bank transfer, Paypal or Payfast, donators must contact Africahead to claim Africahead Ipparts (AFA) or DiP tokens. If AFA is claimed the donation is an investment and not tax deductible. If DiP tokens are claimed the donation is tax deductible.


Metamask wallet, e.g. connects to the following donations frame for donations to FPSA. Donations are deductible for taxation:
Metamask Wallet

Someone who wants to be a fundraiser can make a lifetime career of it, if s/he is successful in raising funds. List of current fundraisers.

Ad hoc donations

Currently people who source ad hoc donations for FPSA are entitled to commission of 50/100 of the amount.

Permanent Work Positions - Physical and Telephonic Fundraising

The first R4'000 (ZAR) or equivalent per month raised, may be kept to cover living expenses. From the amount over R4'000 (ZAR), costs are deducted. The balance accrues to the fundraiser and FPSA, in the ratio 50:50. Records must be kept of the donations received, amounts held back, and the amount paid over to FPSA. If a donator donates more than R100 (ZAR), it is important to record contact details, because then s/he is entitled to receive cryptocurrency. It must be possible from the details kept, to contact donators digitally, to transfer cryptocurrency. Divided Party (DiP) and Africahead Ipparts (AFA) ERC20 brand tokens will be issued to donators by email. Donations with DiP tokens are tax deductible. Amounts for AFA are not tax deductible.

The name of the fundraiser will be listed at Fundraisers. Donations must be recorded on the following document, which also serve as permission to act as fundraiser.

Authorisation form in pdf format.

Authorisation form in .doc format, which can be completed and emailed to FPSA, with a clear photo of the fundraiser on which s/he is holding her/his ID document. The photo on the ID document, name and ID number must be clearly visible on the photo.

Interested fundraisers should contact Marquard Pienaar. Fundraising for FPSA and Africahead can be a lifelong career, because millions have to be raised.

Digital Fundraising

Different methods of funding Federal Party SA (FPSA) through digital channels are possible.

Exchanging old money for cryptocurrency on Ipparts Exchange (IPPAEX)

(1) Buying Africahead Ipparts (AFA), ERC20 Ethereum tokens: The first R 1'000'000 (ZAR) of AFA sold, will be donated to DiP by Africahead. Buying AFA is an investment in the Africahead brand. AFA is contractually backed by 48% of Africahead's brand value. Buying AFA is not deductible for taxation.

(2) Buying Divided Party (DiP) brand tokens at Ipparts Exchange (IPPAEX). Buying DiP is tax deductible. Proof of the transaction can be extracted, for example, at Etherscan.io, searching for Divided Party (DiP) transactions. DiP tokens represent 48% of the Divided Party brand value. When the equivalent of R20'000'000 (ZAR) will have been raised with DiP tokens, the issued tokens will represent the 48%. Communication with regard to DiP tokens will happen on this website at DiP Tokens.

Seats and Houses of FPSA

Seats (votes) in the Executive Body (EB) and Houses of FPSA can be bought, transferred and inherited. Bought seats (votes) on the EB however do not automatically make leaders/candidates who can vote in legislative bodies of South Africa.