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The media have not to date, acted as expected of media in a democratic society. In a democracy the media have the responsibility to inform the public about new political ideas, being applied. The intelligence systems must not allow plagiarizing small political parties and individuals. Leading is partly originating new ideas. Imparting ideas from others is following. The voters must be informed of all their options and the origination of their options for decision taking, with reality, when voting. If new ideas, are not funded from the majority paradigm (currently democratic imperialism), it is difficult to get a new message across to voters, and benefit from thinking/originating new ideas.

Social Media

Conciliation, mediation and dispute resolution can be discussed on Disqus below. FPSA tweets with comments can be seen on Twitter. The Facebook Page contains information with chat groups. A WhatsApp chat group is available.

Own Pamphlet

On 27 November 2020 Federal Party SA - FPSA, received and started distributing its first marketing pamphlet on the Union Building grounds from the petition tent at FPSA's registered address at Petition Terrace.


30 September 2020: Discussion between Sarina Frauenstein of Pretoria FM and Marquard Pienaar about him living in a little tent on the Union Buildings ground due to homelessness, caused partly by the legal system, which did not enforce the law. He submitted a petition to the President on 22 June 2020, partly about the problem.


6 July 2020: Discussion on Joe's Youtube channel, between Joe Emilio, viewers and Marquard Pienaar, head of FPSA, explaining a petition to the President of South Africa and other reasons why he is camping on the Union Buildings ground.


24 June 2020: Discussion between Joe Emilio, viewers and Marquard Pienaar, head of FPSA, explaining basic policy of Federal Party SA (FPSA) on Joe's Youtube channel.

South Africa Today

15 April 2020 by Marquard Pienaar: "Divided Party (DiP), a New Political Party"

Ster South - Vanderbijlpark & Sasolburg

10-16 December 2019 by Christiaan Cloete: Half page article on page 12: "Vanderbijlparker stig eie politieke party om land te 'verdeel', soek nou befondsing". A correction had to be published due to a material mistake in the article.


Copy on Youtube of a discussion about DiP on SAfm radio, South Africa, 28 February 2019. Interlocutors: Naye Lupondwana (SAfm), Marquard Pienaar (DiP) and others who called in to the station.

Mail & Guardian

11 Jan 2019 by Lester Kiewit: "Nineteen parties have the word “Unified” in their names. Maybe they should merge under the banner of the Simunye in Christ Party and become one? But for now, they’re as split as the Divided Party, an organisation registered to a Marquard Dirk Pienaar in Vanderbijlpark."