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Federal Party SA (FPSA) is a vehicle all South Africans can use to solve the problems of South Africa. FPSA is the party for self-determination of all folks/groups, but each folk/group needs leaders to represent them in FPSA. Leaders must come forward and make themselves available. Votes for self-determination must come together in FPSA to effectively oppose the imperialist parties, which prioritise centralised governance. The following people are needed currently.


Please have a look at the fundraising page, where the current possibilities are explained. Donations can be sourced. Also, a funding project is explained, whereby cryptocurrency investments, fund FPSA. South African citizens of all groups must fund FPSA. A high commission of 50% is currently payable by FPSA to fundraisers on funds raised.

Representing FPSA politically

FPSA needs local, provincial and national representatives everywhere in South Africa, from all folks/groups. Decentralised governance is prioritised with the focus on local leaders, each representing their specific culture, they comprehend well.


"There are 278 municipalities in South Africa, comprising eight metropolitan, 44 district and 226 local municipalities."1 The different cultures of South Africa are in different regions. Multiculturalism is most prevalent in the metropoles. Local leaders, representing their culture in FPSA, take decisions according to their culture's form. They accept regional division is necessary, but war may not be promoted. FPSA leaders thus have freedom to improve their regions, with prioritised decentralised governance, whilst respecting other cultures' and multiculturalists' self-determination.

Referring to Emfuleni municipality as example: "The municipal council consists of ninety members elected by mixed-member proportional representation. Forty-five councillors are elected by first-past-the-post voting in forty-five wards, while the remaining forty-five are chosen from party lists so that the total number of party representatives is proportional to the number of votes received."2

FPSA needs local candidates in all municipalities for the local elections of 2021 and by-elections before 2021. The salary of ward councillors is around R 300'000 (ZAR) per year. Thousands of positions have to be filled. To be a local ward councillor of FPSA or a local party councillor of FPSA, contact FPSA.

A Proposed Manifesto for the Local Elections of 2021 and By-Elections are:

*Divide Municipal Funds!*

Much money has been stolen from municipalities. It was possible because of the centralized control of funds. If the funds of each municipality are divided into different bank accounts, it won't be possible to steal from a central bank account. Each ward can have their own bank account with ward councillors' signatures and another signature required, before payments are made for wards.

Provincial and National

FPSA did not contest the 2019 general elections.


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