Federal Party SA (FPSA)

Maximising decentralized self-governance, within the limitations of the SA Constitution, for all groups wanting it. Minimizing central government. Self-determination for left and right in multilingual and unilingual regions. One Federal Defence/Police Force. Adjusting the Constitution.

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FPSA has logical policies others did not think of.

Big central government (imperialism) is a problem. It cannot respect all cultures. Favoring Democratic Self-Determination (DSD), with decentralized governments, for all wanting it, in opposition to prioritized centralized governance of Democratic Imperialism (DI). DI favors only right or only left at a time. DSD favors left and right for regional freedom and long-term congenial coexistence, nationally and internationally.

Self-Determination Theory

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Divided Party (DiP), tradeable, tax-deductible tokens.


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